Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Birth Certificate As An Eco-Politic Tool For Social and Commercial Change Within The Framework Of The Just Society Apostille Convention

SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST

Human bondage in a moral and ethical society; and, how to remain aware of our individual economic place


You are invited to consider the true potential that exists for each one of us since our individual birth; namely, the significance of our Birth Certificate in terms of collateral / or / surety bonds ; and, its redemption

Understanding the powerful impact that our birth certificate has in the foundations of global finance and governance is essential in discovering our individual responsibilities in ensuring that this original document is vested into an institutional role of integrity and transparency.

The prevailing absence of general public knowledge of the life long burden of indenture that occurs upon the person through the third party possession of the original birth certificate requires more significant exposure and discussion.

In particular, the individual should possess a greater clarity of how political governance, institutional banking and military activities are directly related to the birth certificate.


Understanding financial institutions and bondage; and, therein, the establishment of a regulated central banking institution is critical for a thriving economy. And, it is critical that individual does not loose site of our continuous duty of care in managing the functions of commerce and trade.

Further, a transparent democratic government retains its ethical base through the exposure to constitutionally regular electoral processes.

The human culture survives within a diverse balance of high moral standards versus the inevitable greed and corruption.

Further, there is the psychiatric issue of mental health combined with compulsive dependencies - which may manifest themselves within a matrix of financial, military, social and cryptic networks that undermine the foundational fabric of a nation state.

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It is not easy to maintain goodness; either as an individual or as a government institution. 

Human Bondage is prolific throughout the world. Fundamentally, we are still rooted within the cultures of primary survival. And, our attempts at creating good government is in constant conflict with the modes of commercial profit.The moral, intellectual ethic of human beings is still in its infancy.


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